Acquired immune Deficiency Virus (AIDS) is a virus which is responsible for making human immune system weak day by day. It is a virus which is incurable.  There are two viruses of AIDS, HIV1 andHIV2, which originated in Africa.   This virus had become a major problem for all over the world. The main reason of spreading of this virus is unawareness among the people especially in youngsters.

   We can prevent this disease but not cure. So one should be very alert and cautious to keep himself protected from this virus. Let’s discuss how can we get protected by this deadly virus.

Quick treatment if you have the following symptoms:
If a person feels himself weak always and getting sweat especially in nights this is the symptom of AIDS.

One should run immediately to a doctor if he is in continuous fever or getting fever in short gaps.

Swollen glands are the main symptom of HIV AIDS.

Tuberculosis (T.B.): If a person is suffering from tuberculosis for a long time then there are more chances of getting infected by HIV virus. Tuberculosis if treated on or before it changes into worst form should be immediately getting treated.

Losing of weight: Weight loses by illness is not a good sign. It is a symptom of HIV AIDS, so one should consult with the doctor if he is facing that problem.

HIV AIDS is the major problem of the world. But as there is a proverb that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE so if we follow the proverb then we can be protected by this incurable disease. One should be health cautious and should be protected from not only AIDS but also from all the diseases.

We can reduce or finish this Virus by making people of different countries and different age groups aware. So if one knows how he can get infected by this virus then he definitely avoids those things. So the only way to get rid of this deadly virus is to make people aware about this virus.

MEANS OF TRANSMISSION OF HIV AIDS: AIDS can be transmitted from one person to another by many ways like anal, vaginal, and oral sex, blood transfusion of an AIDS effected patient to a normal person can also effects, by using same injection syringe for many patients, or if mother is infected by AIDS then the child who was given birth by her will also get effected.

Role of people in providing awareness: It’s not only the government’s or some foundation’s duty to do all efforts to prevent AIDS, it’s the duty of we the people also to prevent it. We should be cautious and try to spread all the necessary information to the youngsters and illiterates. So, people first should get full awareness among themselves about HIV AIDS and they should spread their knowledge what they have to the people who don’t have any knowledge about the reason of causes of AIDS. In many high populous countries like India, America, and China have more number of cases of HIV AIDS unfortunately the majority of AIDS patients are mostly youngsters which is the most unfortunate thing. The another major reason of occurrence of AIDS is Genetic Inheritance, the people also get effected by AIDS by genetic Inheritance which means if a person whose great grandfather had AIDS then there are more chances of that person to get effected by the deadly virus called AIDS.

THE PEOPLE WHOSE CHANCES ARE MORE TO GET HIV AIDS:The people whose chances are more to get HIV AIDS are mostly the old people above the age of 60-65, because old people‘s body became weak and the immunity of their bodies will be almost gone. So it is easy for the virus to get entry into the unimmunized body.

SEXUAL TRANSMISSION: HIV AIDS can be transmits easily by unsafe sex with the one who had been infected by the virus. Unsafe sex is more dangerous and risky for the receptive partner than for the insertive partner. Sexual Transmission is the main route of HIV AIDS to enter into the body of the person.

ROLE OF EDUCATION TO AVOID AIDS: Education plays a vital role to stop the spread of HIV AIDS because it help in getting information about the causes of this deadly virus. The person who is well known about the do’s and don’ts then he can never follow those things which takes him to go towards the death. But on the other hand if a person who is totally illiterate and who is unaware of the reason of having AIDS then there are more chances for him to get involved in that deadly decease.

ROLE OF HIV TEST INSTITUTIONmany people are unaware if they are infected by aids, so for them there are many health centers opened by the Governments. So, the one who has doubt can go for their HIV test which is free of cost. So the people should not wait for long time if they found any symptom of AIDS in them.

ROLE OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: The majority of HIV AIDS affected are youngsters so the youth should be provide with the proper education with the detail information about how to get protected from the AIDS, if this information given to the students then there are more chances in making the rate of AIDS to go down.

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